Ambulatory Blocks

Introduction to Ambulatory Blocks

During your ambulatory blocks, you will be exposed to a wide range of core ambulatory topics, in the form of interactive, case-based conferences; clusters of continuity clinics; clinical experiences within various subspecialties; and additional training sessions such as social justice and quality improvement. The main goal of your ambulatory time is to gain clinical exposure and knowledge that will help you better take care of your continuity patients, and to help you become a well-rounded physician.

Ambulatory Conferences Calendar


Ambulatory teaching conferences happen every week and should appear below. If this calendar appears blank, the schedule may be in the process of re-uploading. Please check back soon, or email Carl Hebert if you need information on your conference schedule more urgently.

Please find the calendar for all your AMBY/PCARE Conferences:

Your Ambulatory Leadership & Scheduling Team

  • Alev Atalay – Director for Ambulatory Curriculum
  • Bobby Gottlieb – Director of Faculty Development
  • Sonja Solomon– Program Director, DGM Primary Care
  • Matthew Growdon – Primary Care Chief Medical Resident 19-20
  • Katie Armstrong – Medical Education Program Manager – eLearning Operations
  • Carl Hebert – Education Program Coordinator (Ambulatory Conference Scheduling)
  • Cam Walker – Senior Education Program Coordinator (Continuity & Longitudinal Clinics, Special Didactics, Subspecialty Focuses)

Ambulatory Subspecialty Focus Learning Objectives, Assigned Readings, and Hopkins Modules

Learning Objectives

At the start of each AMBY Block, please review the learning objectives, required readings, and optional Johns Hopkins Module for your subspecialty focus area:

Ambulatory Subspecialty Learning Objectives & Readings

Learning Objectives for the Resident are:

  • Practice physical exam features specific to your specialty
  • Understand when to refer continuity clinic patients to a specialist

A helpful added bonus is that you will also develop a feel for what the specialty clinic experience is like for your patients, and you will develop relationships with specialists that you can utilize in caring for them as well.

We realize that sometimes there are patient no-shows during these clinics; if that happens, please use the time to ask the attending to teach you their specialty exam and to outline when you should refer. You can also read PCOI guidelines related to the specialty.

Johns Hopkins Modules

These are optional modules to expand your ambulatory learning for each subspecialty focus assignment. Please see “Ambulatory Subspecialty Learning Objectives & Readings” above for which modules to use for each focus area.

How to create an account: When creating your account for the first time, you need to click Create an Account at the bottom of the page. Use the following information below:

  • User Group: Brigham & Women’s Internal Medicine Residency
  • Subgroup: Categorical or Primary Care
  • Passcode: 3v7

PEAC Johns Hopkins Modules

Subspecialty Focus Assignments

Subspecialty focus assignments were made based on the surveys you filled out last year, with priority given to focuses directly related to your career plans. All residents were granted their first choice focus, and the majority of their top choices. In addition to enrichment focuses, all residents were assigned to 2-3 foundational focuses (ortho, rheum, neuro, and endo). Due to the immense complexity of scheduling with other cohorts on at the same time as you, and also limitations in teacher availability in our subspecialties, these assignments cannot be traded. If you feel that your assignments do not correspond to your survey requests and you suspect a clerical error may have occurred, please send an email to the ambulatory team.

Subspecialty Focus Experience Feedback

We would like to collect your candid and anonymous feedback about your experiences in specific subspecialty clinics as part of our larger effort to improve this aspect of your ambulatory training. Please take a moment to complete the following brief survey:

Ambulatory Subspecialty Clinic Feedback Form

The survey link will be e-mailed to each cohort at the end of each ambulatory block, but it will also be accessible here, if you’d like to rate experiences at any time.

We greatly appreciate your help with this. Please contact any member of the team with specific questions.

How to View Attendings’ Schedules In EPIC For AMBY Subspecialty Focuses

  1. Beneath the Calendar on the Schedule tab (where you normally view your clinic patients), click the + Create
  2. Name the schedule and then click Configuration at the top of the dialog box
  3. Click Search By Provider [All Departments], enter the attending’s name assigned, and click accept.
  4. It will immediately create schedule view of the patient panel of the specific attending on the day of, be sure to check the calendar on the date you were confirmed/assigned.

The standard start time for these sessions are 8:30AM & 1:30PM unless otherwise specified on the schedule or by the attending directly to you. We advise you reach out to them as you approach your session just in case as some attendings prefer the resident arrive when their first patient is scheduled, some others do not!



Any “TBD” slots in a resident’s schedule present at the end of the day on the Friday before the start of an ambulatory block can be assumed to be Flex Time.

Interns 2019-2020 

Intern Cohort A 19-20

Arora, Vishal Chang, Jonathan Gaffney, Rebecca Gong, Jingyi Kim, Joseph
Kuczmarski, Thomas Litt, Michael Merz, Lauren Nassar, Amin Pollack, Ross
Raman, Hari

Intern Cohort B 19-20

AbdelHamedi, Duaa Callahan, Dana Chedid, Nicholas Coll, Maxwell Garfinkel, Amanda
Ghare, M. Imran Nolan, Cody Senter-Zapata, Michael Spanos, Nicholas Thurber, Emilia

Intern Cohort C 19-20

Barlowe, Trevor Chang, Allison Chinai, Jordan Di lorio, Michael Fleury, Luther
Gui, Dan Kwarteng-Siaw, Miriam Mistry, Kavita Olson, Rose Skrabel, Kelly

Intern Cohort D 19-20

Chin, Kuo-Kai Endo, Bobby Hayden, Robert Kotzin, Jonathan Kratchmarov, Radomir
Nutt, Cameron Priedigkeit, Nolan Stuart, Jessica Taranto, Eleanor “Nora” Tchekmedyian, Raffi

DGM/PCARE Interns 19-20

George, Emilie (DGM/PCARE) Hayden, Margaret (DGM/PCARE) Kishore, Sanjay (DGM/PCARE) Lichtin, Rebecca(DGM/PCARE)
Mehta, Pooja (DGM/PCARE) Narasimmaraj, Prihatha (DGM/PCARE) Paredes Acosta, Luisa (DGM/PCARE) Patel, Badar(DGM/PCARE)

Med-Peds Interns 19-20

Calahan, Christopher (Med-Peds) Cedarbaum, Jacob (Med-Peds) Eby, Jessica (Med-Peds) Shank, Kaitlyn (Med-Peds)

Juniors 2019-2020

Junior Cohort A 19-20

Baker, Katherine Bellin-Warren, Sophia Brea, Elliot Corwin, Alicia Hayes, Sophia
Howard, Erika Jastrab, Jordan Knight, Helen Sanchez, David Senman, Balim Wang, David

Junior Cohort B 19-20

Chung, Joohoo DiNardo, Katherine Krakta, Allison Leiva, Orly Makuvire, Tracy
Occhiogrosso, Rachel Patel, Kush Patel, Parth Pryor, Katherine

Junior Cohort C 19-20

Anderson, Jordan Ginder, Curtis Hulme, Olivia Manjunath, Deepa Marcusa, Dan
Modi, Ronuk Njie, Cheikh Robinette, Michelle Wong, Danny Sakellarios

Junior Cohort D 19-20

Bersell, Kevin Booth, W. Bedford Chen, Hannah Ferro, Enrico Hodgkin, Joseph
Jaji, Zainab Kovac, Victor Ostrominski, John Parker, Benjamin Redd, Walker

DGM/PCARE Juniors 19-20

Duckles, Anne (DGM/PCARE) Hong, Jennifer (DGM/PCARE) Landefeld, Clare (DGM/PCARE) Malishchak, Lauren (DGM/PCARE)
Molina, Fabiola (DGM/PCARE) Nicholson, Laura (DGM/PCARE) Patanwala, Maria (DGM/PCARE) Yuan, Yan Emily (DGM/PCARE)

Med-Peds Juniors 19-20

Allan-Blitz, Lao-Tzu (Med-Peds) Martz, Colin (Med-Peds) Rutledge, Ronnye (Med-Peds) Valtis, Yannis (Med-Peds)

Seniors 2019-2020 

CAT Seniors 19-20

Andrews, Erik Atkinson, Benjamin Bayomy, Omar Boardman, Alexander Bonacci, Robert Campbell, Kristi
Cohen, Aaron Cooper, Alissa Cordova, Tomas DeGregorio, Geneva Deutsch, Aaron Feingold-Link, Tamara
Hildick-Smith, Gordon Huang, George Jain, Nina Karan, Abraar Lin-Beckford, Stephanie Lipsyc-Sharf, Marla
Little, Jessica Loriaux, Daniel Martin, Bradley Matias, Wilfredo Munir, Amir Nagami, Ellen
Natarajan, Abirami (GHE) Nsahali, Michelle Nze, Chijioke Ryan, Christine Sinnenberg, Lauren Smithy, James
Treasure, Carolyn Venkateswaran, Ramkumar Winkler, Marisa Wynter, Jamila Yazdi, Daniel Zambrotta, Marina
Zon, Rebecca

DGM Seniors 19-20

Adams, Ayrenne (DGM/PCARE) Baird, Katie (DGM/PCARE) Cetrone, Emily (DGM/PCARE) Meade, Christina (DGM/PCARE) Okwara, Noreen (DGM/PCARE)
Rao, Anita (DGM/PCARE) Rotenstein, Lisa (DGM/PCARE) Rozansky, Hallie (DGM/PCARE) Wang, Priscilla (DGM/PCARE)

Med-Derm Seniors 19-20

Baumrin, Emily (Med-Derm) Elman, Scott (Med-Derm) Holcomb, Zachary (Med-Derm) Thomas, Cristina (Med-Derm)

Med-Peds Seniors 19-20

Bailey, Mariel (Med-Peds) Cuneo, Charles (Med-Peds) Dunbar, Peter (Med-Peds) Limaye, Neha (Med-Peds) McConnell, Ian (Med-Peds)
Murphy, Emily (Med-Peds) Pimenta, Erika Med-Peds) Schulte, Jennifer (Med-Peds) Tsaur, Stephen (Med-Peds)

While You’re On Block

Jen Center Urgent Care

All residents will have Jen Center urgent care at some point during their ambulatory blocks in addition to their continuity clinic. Residents that have their main clinics off site can find their Jen Center urgent care pod assignment below:

Before You Come On Block

Traveling During AMBY/PCARE Rotations

Most of our AMBY Core Electives take place at BWH’s Main Campus, Faulkner Hospital, or 850 Boylston Street in Chestnut Hill.

If you are assigned an elective at the Faulkner Hospital or 850 Boylston Street, you may take the BWH Shuttle or the MBTA:

BWH Shuttle Schedule //

MBTA (The T) //

Please also consider downloading one of the multiple apps for the MBTA at the Apple & Android App Stores.

If any clinical experience takes place off-site, such as at MGH, address/contact info will be given on the schedule.

Remember, 850 Boylston Street is in Chestnut Hill, not Boston!

Amby/PCARE Winter Weather Policy!

  • For Continuity Clinic & Subspecialty Focus Clinics:

In the case of inclement weather, the BWH makes a hospital-wide decision regarding ambulatory clinic closures/delays. If you are scheduled for a continuity or subspecialty focus session, please check your email for any BWH clinic cancellations or delays. Just to set your expectations: BWH clinics are almost always open when it snows. You should receive an email from BWH if clinics are in fact closed. We also recommend that if your continuity clinic or subspeciality focus clinic is off-site (not located within BWH’s Main Campus) that you reach out to them directly confirm their opening or closing during inclement weather.

  • For AMBY Conference & Special Didactics:

We follow the Brookline Public Schools’ decisions for closure or delay. In addition, we recommend that you check your email in the morning if there is inclement weather, as there may be additional last minute changes to the conference schedule.