Ambulatory Policies

Ambulatory Personal Day Policy

These dates below should be considered “Blackout Dates” for Personal Day Requests

Jen Center Urgent Care

All residents will have Jen Center urgent care at some point during their ambulatory blocks in addition to their continuity clinic. Residents that have their main clinics off site can find their Jen Center urgent care pod assignment below:

Traveling During AMBY/PCARE Rotations

Most of our AMBY Core Electives take place at BWH’s Main Campus, Faulkner Hospital, or 850 Boylston Street in Chestnut Hill.

If you are assigned an elective at the Faulkner Hospital or 850 Boylston Street, you may take the BWH Shuttle or the MBTA:

BWH Shuttle Schedule //

MBTA (The T) //

Please also consider downloading one of the multiple apps for the MBTA at the Apple & Android App Stores.

If any clinical experience takes place off-site, such as at MGH, address/contact info will be given on the schedule.

Remember, 850 Boylston Street is in Chestnut Hill, not Boston!

Amby/PCARE Winter Weather Policy!

  • For Continuity Clinic & Subspecialty Focus Clinics:

In the case of inclement weather, the BWH makes a hospital-wide decision regarding ambulatory clinic closures/delays. If you are scheduled for a continuity or subspecialty focus session, please check your email for any BWH clinic cancellations or delays. Just to set your expectations: BWH clinics are almost always open when it snows. You should receive an email from BWH if clinics are in fact closed. We also recommend that if your continuity clinic or subspeciality focus clinic is off-site (not located within BWH’s Main Campus) that you reach out to them directly confirm their opening or closing during inclement weather.

  • For AMBY Conference & Special Didactics:

We follow the Brookline Public Schools’ decisions for closure or delay. In addition, we recommend that you check your email in the morning if there is inclement weather, as there may be additional last minute changes to the conference schedule.