BMT Scheduling

Team Structure

  • 2 interns & 1 resident per team
  • Covered by onc nightfloat resident at night
  • 1 attending per team
  • Daily admitting team which admits until 5pm and passes-off when finished (cross-cover intern arrives at 5pm. Interns alternate admitting days; resident supervises interns.

Team Members

Team Interns

  • On admitting days work from 7 am – 6 pm (11 hrs + prerounding)
    • Teams admit till 5 pm, but only 1 admission between 4-5 pm.
    • Meets with the cross cover intern at 5 pm for signout
    • Can stay until 7 pm to complete work as needed.
  • On non-admitting days work from 7 am to 5 pm (10 hrs + prerounding). Non-admitting interns can sign out to a team member or the Onc cross-cover intern at 5pm.
  • If an intern has clinic on an admitting day, they need to notify admitting 24 hrs in advance in order to swap their admitting day with their co-intern

Team Resident

    • Works 7 am – 6 pm (11hrs) x 6 days per week
    • Supervises interns, covers intern list when in clinic
    • Meets with Onc flex resident and cross cover intern at 5 pm to help sign-out patients

Admitting Structure

Census Caps

  • Team Cap: 18 patients (16 through Labor Day; will uncap for CAR T-cell patients)
  • Intern Cap: 9 patients

Intern Daily Caps

  • The admitting intern can admit up to 3 patients per day, every other day (Q2)
  • No admissions after 5pm.
  • If an admission page is received before 5pm and the patient is located in BWH/ED/DFCI then it is the day team’s responsibility. If the patient is an OSH transfer or direct admit (from outside clinic/home) then the note can be prepped and patient passed off to flex intern. In this case the admission will be passed back to the post call intern the next day.
  • If there are more than 3 admissions prior to 4pm, the team resident will be asked to do the excess admissions, which will then be holdovers to the next day’s admitting intern
  • If teams caps by census, new patients will be distributed to other oncology teams. If all oncology teams are capped, additional measures will be taken by Joel Katz.

Days Off

  • Interns have 1 day off per week when their non-admitting day falls on a Saturday or Sunday
  • Residents have every Sunday off (covered by WER).


  • Daily walk-rounds Monday-Thursday with team attending from 7:30 am onwards
  • Friday breakfast in pod B at 7:30 am, Grand Rounds (starting in the fall from 8-9 am), and team rounding afterwards.

Rotation-Specific Didactics

  • BMT Attending Teaching Rounds – Details per BMT attending/Brett Glotzbecker/Deb Yolin

General Didactics

Morning Report

  • WHO: Residents and interns if done pre-rounding
  • WHEN: 7:30am to 8:20am Monday to Thursday .
  • WHERE: Shapiro Breakout Room (Except Wednesdays: Shapiro Board Room).

Nightfloat Rounds

  • WHO: Nightfloat Residents.
  • WHEN: 7:30am to 8am on Fridays.
  • WHERE: Eppinger Library (occasionally relocates to Pod C in the cafeteria).

Medical Grand Rounds

  • WHO: Interns and Residents
  • WHEN: 8:00am to 9:00am on Fridays starting in the fall.
  • WHERE: Bornstein Amphitheater.

Noon Conference

  • WHO: Interns and Residents
  • WHEN: 12:00pm to 1:00pm Monday to Thursday
  • WHERE: Carrie Hall

Journal Club

  • WHO: Interns and Residents.
  • WHEN: 12:10pm-1pm on Mondays starting in the fall.
  • WHERE: Jen Center Conference Room.
  • In the summer, replaced by junior / senior bootcamp, locations will be announced

Intern Report

  • WHO: Interns, pager covered by resident.
  • WHEN: 12:10pm-1pm on Mondays.
  • WHERE: Eppinger Library.
  • In the summer, replaced by intern curriculum, locations will be announced.

Friday Noon Report

  • WHO: Interns and Residents
  • WHEN: 12:00pm to 1:00pm Friday
  • WHERE: Shapiro Breakout Room