MICU Scheduling

Team Structure

  • 4 interns & 2 day residents
  • 1 attending
  • Interns 1 and 2 alternate between long and short days
  • Interns 3 and 4 each cover 7 nights shifts and 3 short-help shifts over a 2 week block
  • Day Residents alternate between long and short days
  • Night Residents work 5 nights per week (moonlighters cover 2 nights)

MICU Schedule.png

Team Members

Team Interns

  • Day long
    • 6a-9p (15h)
  • Day short
    • 6a-3p
  • Night call / Post-call (on first day of rotation “post-call” interns should be present as an additional “short” intern if they are not post-nights)
    • 7p-10a. Note:When your shift ends on a vacation day, you should leave at 7am
  • Short Help
    • 6a-5p

Team Residents

  • Short
    • 7a-5p
  • Long
    • 7a-8:30p
  • Night
    • 7p-10a

Days Off

  • Interns
    • 1 and 2: Day off when Short day falls on a Sunday or Monday
    • 3: Fridays
    • 4: Sundays
  • Day Residents – Day off when Short day falls on a Thursday or Friday
  • Night Residents
    • MICU B – Day off every Friday and Saturday
    • MICU C – Day off every Sunday and Monday

Supervision of Interns

  • Day residents supervise unit interns during the day.
  • The Long Resident supervises the Day-Call Intern until 7pm
  • The Night Resident supervises the Day-Call Intern from 7pm to 9pm and the Night-Call Intern from 7pm to 7am

Admitting Structure

  • No admission cap – total census cap defined by number of available beds
  • Daily admitting
  • Sub-Is to have caps as deemed fit by supervising resident. No more than 3 admissions per sub-I per shift.


  • Vent Rounds: 7am – 7:30am (not all attendings hold vent rounds)
  • AM Rounds: 8am – 12pm daily with whole team
  • PM Rounds: 7:00pm to 8:00pm daily as passoff between Day Resident/Intern and Night Resident/Intern

Night responsibilities

  • Order routine morning CXRs (orders should be in by 11pm) – generally, all intubated or recently instrumented patients should get an AM CXR
  • Document overnight events – briefly summarize events in the handoff
  • Update hospital courses and transfer notes as time permits

Rotation-Specific Didactics

  • MICU teaching conference every weekday from 7:30-8am in 3A