Two Neuro Services: log on to the neuro Amion (password = “mghneuro”) –> click block schedules in the tool bar –> drop down menu to “BWH medicine residents”.

Weekends on BOTH services are OFF.

  • At the end of the both inpatient service and consult service send a pass off email to new medicine resident on your patients (whom they will pick up).
  • Urgent questions – Chief on Call 20712
  • Non urgent questions email: Neurology Chief Resident

General Information (Effective 6/20/2016)[edit]

  • Prerounding: On all services, interns are expected to procure vitals/overnight events and examine all patients prior to team rounds, unless otherwise specified
  • Residents in clinic: When residents are in clinic, they are either covered internally or by the BWH Dayfloat. Please see the Dayfloat Policy for further details on which services are covered by Dayfloat.
  • Pass-off Times and Locations: Passoff occurs up to three times per day – in the morning, evening (some teams), and night – in specified locations. Please see each service for details.
  • Early admits: Admissions that come in between 6am and 7am (7am and 8am on Saturdays and Sundays) are treated as “Early Admits” and may be passed onto the day team by the overnight teams. The nightfloat residents may be asked to take passoff, eyeball patients, and/or write holding orders.