Neurology Scheduling

Two Neuro Services

Log on to the neuro Amion (password = “mghneuro”) –> click block schedules in the tool bar –> drop down menu to “BWH medicine residents”.

  • Consult Neurology “MAS” = Consult service
  • Inpatient Neurology “DMD” = Inpatient service

The “Martin A. Samuels – aka MAS” Neurology Consultation Service

The MAS service is the neurology consulting service for the BWH ED and inpatient non-neurology teams. This teams includes the attending, one PGY-4 neurology resident (team leader), three PGY-3 neurology residents (who rotate between days, nights, and ED), and a rotating intern (PGY-1) from Psychiatry. This team handles all the consults (stroke and non-stroke) at BWH, including ED, floors, and ICUs. Similar to the DMD service, the teaching on this rotation is one of the primary and explicit goals. The residents on this rotation are not the primary responding clinician, so they are not writing orders, admissions, or discharges. Attendance at the daily conferences (e.g. neurology morning report, noon conference) is expected. There are opportunities to learn and participate in lumbar punctures while on this rotation.

Consult Service (MAS) Logistics:

  • Where to meet:
    • BTM 4th floor
  • Conferences:
    • Morning report in BTM 2nd floor conference room from 7:30-8am, breakfast is provided. Fresh cases get staffed w/ attending.
    • Noon conference in BTM 1st floor (inside the Neurology outpatient clinic) from 12-1pm, lunch is provided
  • Daily routine:
    • Post AM report consult team will stays in the library to staff overnight ED cases and present late consults from the night before;
    • Team collectively rounds on new patients – until mid morning;
    • Senior holds pager that gets new consults.
    • After rounds, divide up consults, go see them;
    • Write your note, discuss the case with the senior, may or may not staff it with attending on that day, may be the next morning.
    • Most days, you can expect to do 1-3 consults, and be done by 5pm.
    • FYI you should be able to sign off on LPs by the end of this rotation, as they get a lot of LP consults!

The “David M. Dawson – aka DMD ” Inpatient Neurology Service

The DMD service is the combined general neurology and vascular neurology ward service at BWH. This service offers a true smorgasbord of neurological disease, with patients admitted with illnesses that span nearly every neurological discipline (stroke, epilepsy, neuro-oncology, neuro-immunology/ID, neuromuscular, etc). The DMD experience is the epitome of team neurology. There are two neurology inpatient teams. Each team is made up of one attending, 1 senior resident, 2 junior residents (PGY-2 level), and 1 PA on the team. You will be an extra PGY2 on one of the teams. You may bounce back and forth between the two teams. Medical students are almost always with us, as well. The most interesting and educational neurology patients in the hospital are seen on DMD; teaching and learning from each is our explicit goal. Every weekday we have morning report (led by senior faculty, including Drs. Samuels and Ropper) and noon conference; these conferences are can’t miss, and attendance is strongly encouraged for both. There are usually ample opportunities for procedures (such as LPs) while on DMD.

Inpatient Service (DMD) Logistics:

  • Where to meet:
    • 12th floor workroom between C and D, code to door is 1+4+3.
  • Daily Routine:
    • Pre-round on your patients before 7:30am
    • Morning report in BTM 2nd floor conference room from 7:30-8am, breakfast is provided.
    • Rounds with the inpatient team, present your patients on rounds
    • Noon conference in BTM 1st floor (inside the Neurology outpatient clinic) from 12-1pm, lunch is provided
    • Afternoon: work.
    • Sign out to on call resident at 5pm
  • Admitting structure:
    • Mon / Tues / Thurs – Alternate day time admissions with on call residents until 3pm;
    • Wed and Fri – cover the post-call list and continue to follow your own patients
    • Note: actual admitting structure may vary from above . Review plan with your senior resident.
  • Weekends:
    • You do not work on the weekends. One of the PGY2 residents or the senior resident will cover your patients.

Other Info

  • At the end of the both inpatient service and consult service send a pass off email to new medicine resident on your patients (whom they will pick up).
  • Urgent questions – Chief on Call 20712
  • Non urgent questions email: Neurology Chief Resident