Junior Bootcamp

The SiR Junior Research Bootcamp is a unique course that is taken during an elective block in the first month of the trainee’s junior year.  It exposes trainees to the larger BWH scientific community by providing access to a number of physician-scientists in the Boston area in both formal and informal settings.  This course consists of a number of scientific lectures to provide trainees with exposure to the research conducted in and around BWH and abroad as well as reignite an interest in science, informal discussions with phsycian-scientists at all stages of their careers to provide guidance and insight on their path in medicine and investigation, as well as social events to further help trainees engage with scientific community and their like-minded colleagues.

Reflections from Prior Attendees

“I appreciate the opportunity to hear from incredible speakers and the chance to interact with other science-oriented residents.”

“This was a great mix of career and science talks, coupled with exposure to numerous excellent physician scientists.”

“I loved the career advice and meeting incredible researchers in diverse fields. This gave me a chance to catch up on areas of science that have grown tremendously while I have been out of the lab.”

Summer 2018 Curriculum

Tuesday 7/17

Systems Pharmacology, Network Medicine, and Drug Development

Writing the Kind of Scientific Papers that Others Want to Publish and Read

Joseph Loscalzo

Branch Moody

Wednesday 7/18

Reflections on a Life in Biomedicine

Biomedical Innovation, Crisis and the Development of Novel Therapeutics

Science in Residency (SiR) Research Initiative

*Dinner Reception at Cafeteria Newbury*

Betsy Nabel

Bob Tepper

Andrew Stergachis

Thursday  7/19

Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy

(Zebrafish and hematopoiesis)


Arlene Sharpe 

Len Zon

Doug Kwon

Friday  7/20

Mitochondria, Human Disease, and the Oxygen Connection

From Bedside to Bench and Back Again: Translating Technologies for Therapy


Vamsi Mootha

Carl Novina

George Daley

Monday 7/23

Translational Genomics and Precision Cancer Medicine

Regulation of Gene Expression by Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation of The Transcription Apparatus

*Fellow/Faculty Panel*

Nick Wagle

Isaac Klein

Tuesday 7/24

Show me the money: the paths to research funding & How to give a great presentation

Translational Research in Hematologic Malignancies

Transformative Diagnostics & Therapeutics: Nucleic Acid Technologies

Thomas Michel                                        

Matthew Davids

George Church

Wednesday 7/25

Translating Discoveries through Entrepreneurship

Chemical biological and Genomic Approaches to Infection

The Wyss Institute

Eric Green

Deb Hung

Don Ingber

Thursday  7/26

Humanizing Drug Discovery

(Biomedical Research at Novartis)

How the World Works

David Altshuler

Jay Bradner

Rebecca Baron

Friday 7/27

My Path as a Physician-Scientist

Insights into Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy from Studies of Spiders

SiR Project Proposal Presentations

Elazer Edelman

Christine Seidman

SiR Residents

Monday 7/30

My Path as a Physician-Scientist-Administrator and the BRI

Gene Control 2018: Basic Science and Clinical Translation

Paul Anderson

John Stamatoyannopoulos