The SiR program hosts various events throughout the year, from formal lectures and mentoring meetings, to informal dinners. A brief overview of these events is provided below.

Evening Discussions


This is a monthly lecture series during which an invited physician-scientist gives a one-hour talk on a weekday evening from 6-7 PM. Typically, during the first half-hour he or she talks about their background, training, and career development, while the second half focuses on their research. They vary throughout the year and sometimes include more specific topics, such as mentoring, funding, and writing grants. As always, snacks are provided!

Noon Conferences

A residency wide, monthly lecture series that takes place during our daily noon time conference. An invited physician-scientist gives a lecture to the entire medicine residency during which they present a clinical background and context to their research, and clinically-relevant research from their research group. The goal is both to bring in top physician scientist to discuss their work, and also to expose the entire residency program to the exciting, patient oriented work, being done in basic and translational laboratories across Brigham, Harvard, MIT and beyond.

Junior Year Bootcamp

An exciting and jam-packed research course that all SiR members participate in during the early part of their junior year. It serves a true immersion back into the world of science, featuring a wide-array of scientific talks, given by leaders in the field, and also seminars that focus on various aspects of career development. Read more here.

Mentoring Meetings

Each SiR member will be assigned an initial mentor from our mentor faculty board. They will meet at least twice a year with that mentor and work together to facilitate finding an optimal research mentor(s) that best fits that resident’s interest.

End of Year Symposium

In collaboration with the internal medicine research day, SiR members present their work during a department wide symposium. The SiR Research Project is presented during this time as well.

Semi-Annual Dinners

Every year we have two residency sponsored dinners. They serve as a time to build community and foster discussion among SiR members.