Teach Resident

BWH Teaching Resident Activities 2019-2020

  • 4 Faulkner Morning Reports (Email Faulkner CMR to schedule)
  • 2 BWH Morning Reports (Email Dani, CMR to schedule)


  • SubI Teaching Sessions: Thursdays 2:00-2:45PM in Eppinger
  • Physical Diagnosis Rounds with GMS: Thursdays 4-4:30PM, Meet on Team Pod (Info sent out Wednesdays from Kiara Harris Amos)
  • Physical Diagnosis Rounds with Joel Katz and the 2nd Year Medical Students : Fridays 2-3PM
  • Observed H&Ps for Medical Students (Coordinated by Alessandra Alvarez Hinojosa and Britt Simonson)

Teaching Resident Nuts & Bolts Document

Please review this intro document 2 weeks prior to your rotation: Teach Res Doc

Sub Intern Teaching Curriculum 2019-2020

You will receive your assigned topics for your SubI teaching sessions from the CMR liaison (Dani Crousillat) at least two weeks prior to the start of your teaching resident block. The Sub I handouts for each session will be printed and available for the students at the time of your teaching session. Please review and print the Resident Guide for your use during the session.

2019-2020 CMR Teaching Topics:

2019 2020 Teaching Resident Teaching Topics:


  • Altered mental status
  • Hypoxia