The Women in Medicine (WiM) group works to support female trainees and enhance camaraderie, both during our training and beyond.

Mission Statement

Women are entering medicine in growing numbers, comprising approximately half of medical students nationwide. Despite equal representation in the classroom, less than a quarter of full professors at academic medical centers and medical schools are women. We recognize that there critical and unique problems that arise as women ascend through their training, and we must work together in order to resolve these disparities. The Women in Medicine (WiM) group, created within the Internal Medicine Residency Program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, works to support female trainees and enhance camaraderie, both during our training and beyond The goal of the Women in Medicine group is tri-fold. We aim to (1) create a supportive environment for women to learn the tools and techniques they need to be successful in the workplace, (2) support and enhance our camaraderie and (3) enhance the residency education through a multifactorial curriculum on implicit bias. We work towards this mission through a series of events throughout the year aimed and bringing us together as colleagues and friends.




Maria Yialamas

Program Director

Laura Horton


Sonja Solomon

Program Director

Lisa Rotenstein


Paula Chatterjee

Chief Resident

Upcoming Events

October 4th

Dinner with Jessica Dudley ​

November 1st

Dinner with Betsy Nabel


Social Events

We sponsor an array of social events throughout the year, with the goal of bringing female residents from various years together for fun, food, and

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Lean-In Groups

In each year, residents can sign up to be in a “Lean In” group. Developed by Cheryl Sandberg, these groups that meet at regular intervals,

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Bi-Annual Dinners

Twice a year, the women in medicine group hosts a dinner with residents, chief residents, and female attendings from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. These

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Senior Bootcamp

In the last year of residency, the focus of bootcamp centers on the next major transition of applying for fellowship or entering the job market.

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Junior Bootcamp

This session focuses on mentorship, sponsorship, and work-life balance. As junior residents become more comfortable in their leadership role, the focus shifts to learning skills

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Intern Bootcamp

Intern bootcamp occurs at the end of intern year, as interns prepare to navigate the transition to jnior resident and team leader. This event is

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