Preliminary Year

Brigham and Women’s Hospital provides a rigorous and richly rewarding one-year experience for physicians headed to residencies in other fields; such as radiation-oncology; dermatology; ophthalmology; and radiology. BWH will offer 18 preliminary positions for 2018. The selection criteria for entry into the program and our commitment to your career development is the same as for residents in our other programs.

Preliminary interns are seamlessly integrated into the full intern experience and curriculum; with three differences

  1. No continuity clinic;
  2. Two months of elective (categorical residents do electives starting in the junior year);
  3. Rotating at the VA Hospital is optional.

In addition to standard preliminary positions; we participate in partnerships for BWH PGY 1 years in Advanced-Preliminary Neurology Program; Medicine-Anesthesia; and Harvard Longwood Psychiatry Program.

Prelim Residents


Jacob Yomtoob

Medical School: Northwestern University The Feinberg School of Medicine. Neuro Prelim.

Mattia Wruble

Medical School: University of Virginia School of Medicine. Neuro Prelim.

Joe Tung

Medical School: Harvard Medical School. Derm Prelim.

Alice Tang

Medical School: Imperial College London Faculty of Medicine

Rohan Bajaj

Medical School: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Ophthalmology Prelim.